Announcements (as of 4/9/14):
Sling production is currently on hold due to injury.  
Orders can be placed and will be filled when possible
(some black harness match rifle slings as well as keepers, 
and treatment are available for immediate shipment)
Brass Hooks are currently unavailable


*Picture above is my shop on
Peddler's Row at Camp Perry*

Custom Rifle Slings
by JHW


Heavy Stainless Steel Roller Buckles or "Fancy" Al Stohlman Stainless Steel Buckles
An Extra $12.00 over standard Brass or Chrome


John Weller started making slings ten years ago due to his dissatisfaction with those commercially available. Since then he has expanded his product line and has developed a solid following amongst NRA high power shooters. His customers include Marine and Army rifle team members plus State, Regional, and National civilian champions.
For the past five years John has been the ONLY sling maker and leather worker to offer direct support and repair to competitors during the National Matches, High Power phase, at Camp Perry, Ohio. It speaks volumes that he is willing to devote two weeks every summer to rent and open shop on "Commercial Row" so he can provide that level of personal service. He has repaired everything from leather slings to shooting coats to shooting stools helping dozens of competitors over the years.

~Michael S. Orwan, High Master High Power Competitor   (1995)

We thank you for visiting this web site and hope you'll choose to become one of our customers!

John H. Weller- Owner

5214 Woodlawn Drive
Harrisburg, PA  17109
Ph. 717-657-3929 



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